Appointments, meetings,
or just a coffee.
The AI assistant that
will make your
life easier.

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We are developing Mia: a virtual assistant who is available to you 24 hours a day to organize your appointments.

All you have to do is cc Mia in an email. She will quickly communicate and then schedule the meeting for you with ease and accuracy.

Now you can focus on what’s really important.

Adjustable AI

Mia allows you to create preferences, allowing you to work comfortably and with minimal stress.

Less repetitive tasks

Mia can save you over 12 hours of planning per month by doing the most arduous work for you.

Humanlike interaction

Mia communicates on a very human and personal level to foster a positive relationship between her and your associates.

Connected to your Calendar

We are integrating Mia with Google Calendar so she can plan your meetings directly.


Mia can speak both English and German with you and your colleagues, opening your world up to new possibilities.


After some time with your new assistant, Mia will learn on her own in order to improve herself for you.